Valeo Added

900 Series



The Exact Match OE
(for vehicles that feature these blades direct from the manufacturer.)
Simply the Best Upgrade
       (Aftermarket upgrade for conventional design Blades with hook arm installation.)




Even Pressure on the Windshield

Conventional wiper blades only have 4 - 8 points of pressure.

Valeo UltimateWiper Blade has an even blade-to-windshield pressure across the entire blade.

Best-in-class Aerodynamics

Attributed to the integrated Wind Spoiler and ultra-flat Design

Ultimate Wiper Blade
The air pressure on the spoiler and the ultra-flat design improve blade-to-windshield contact at higher speeds.

  Conventional Design Wiper Blade
The wind at high speed lifts the wiping edge off the windshield.

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