Valeo Added

600 Series: "OE Structure Wipes Like New Longer !"

Premium Quality Construction
  • All Metal Vented Superstructure
  • Galvanized Steel for superior corrosion resistance
  • Improved blade-to-windshield contact, extended durability

VALEO Tec3® Rubber Wiping Element
(Same used for Original Equipment)

  • Synthetic Rubber Upper-Body
    • Resists Permanent Set Deformity
    • Performs better in Extreme Hot/Cold Conditions
  • Natural Rubber Wiping Edge
    • Superior Wipe Quality
    • More Flexible in Cold Temperatures
  • Protective Coating
    • Smoother and Quieter Wipes
    • Protects Rubber from Ozone, UV, Fluids, Dirt & Abrasion
Pre-installed "Universal Adapter" (Easy installation)
Full Service Line - 98% coverage with only 13
part numbers
  • Valeo 600 Series covers almost all vehicules, both domestic and import, with only 13 SKUs. All needed adapters are included in each package
  • Easy to install adapters

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600 Series Wiper blades

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