Valeo Added


Valeo Service offers Flywheels and Dual Mass Flywheels (DMF) with an OE quality for 100% satisfaction, perfect fit, and high performance, for domestic, Asian, and European applications.  With over 150 unique flywheels, many domestic and import models are covered by Valeo's flywheel range.  34 of these are for medium- and heavy-duty truck applications, while the remaining 100+ are a variety of dual mass and solid flywheels for passenger cars and light trucks.

Solid Flywheels
  • 121 different solid flywheels are available -  all new and tested for fit and function to OE requirements.
  • Over 40 years of model year coverage.
  • Coverage on over 150 models for 25 makes of domestic and import vehicles.
  • Solid flywheel conversion kits convert an original dual mass flywheel setup to one that uses a solid flywheel.

See our conversion kits page for more information.

Dual Mass Flywheels

The DMF is two independent masses separated by springs.  This splits the inertia between the engine and the transmission to keep the vibration and resonance below the engine idle speed.  As a result, there is no transmission gear rattle in the normal speed range of the vehicle.  The benefits of the Valeo DMF include:

  • Reduction of engine vibrations going to the transmission, thus increasing ride comfort.
  • Keeping the drivetrain in good condition by using a "torque limiter", which allows for slip under extreme conditions.
  • Longer rigid disc life.
  • Reduced gear shift effort.