Valeo Added

Performance Kits

Signature Series

The Valeo Signature Series is designed for drivers who demand higher-than-stock performance from their clutch without having to pay a premium price for it.

Key Features:

  • Up to 15% increase in holding capacity
  • Performance friction material with a high burst strength
  • Increased heat resistance and recoverability
  • Excellent friction and wear performance
DF-Pro Series

Offering a balanced compromise of drivability and high performance with up to a 65% increase in holding capacity, the DF Pro is applicable to vehicles requiring all around and all out performance.

The Valeo Dual-Friction clutch kit is a performance matched pressure plate & disc along with a release bearing, pilot bearing and alignment tool for complete installation. The DF-Pro pressure plate features a centrifugal weight system (where applicable) and specialized machining processes to provide a performance clutch that offers exceptional street characteristics, while offering outstanding holding-capacity and durability.  The DF-Pro disc has a full facing on the pressure plate side for drivability and longevity, while a carbon composite puck style (segmented) facing is used on the flywheel side for a positive engagement and increased holding-capacity. DF-Pro Series is engineered for enthusiasts who are looking for the ultimate in street/strip holding power and performance without sacrificing pedal effort and driving control.