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OE Replacement


The centerpiece of the Valeo Clutch Products Program is its OE Replacement Clutch Kits.  No other clutch kit supplier can offer components that exceed the OE quality that Valeo offers.  Many program repackagers do not offer high percentages of OE specified clutch covers and discs.  You can expect long life and smooth engagement from Valeo’s clutches because of our focus on quality.


Valeo’s kits contain every component that a technician needs to change out a clutch.  Each kit contains a clutch disc assembly, pressure plate cover assembly, release bearing, alignment tool, grease pack, and installation guide.  Also included when necessary are a pilot bearing, and technical service bulletin.  Some kits also come with a flywheel.  Valeo’s numeric, user-friendly part numbers have been designed to support the marketplace.


Valeo’s kits use packaging that is state of the art to ensure that the product arrives and remains free of damage right up to the time it is installed in a vehicle.  The extra durable locking tabs ensure product security within its packaging until it is removed for final installation.  Our kits are packaged in an attractive, reinforced box that includes hand held slots for the heavier kits.  Other features of the packaging include: resealable foam insert for enhanced box and component protection, and a smart label where the part number is coded for size and vehicle make, shown vertically and horizontally with competitor interchanges.

Exceptional Coverage

Valeo offers new clutch kits for over 30,000 vehicle applications in North AmericaValeo is the #1 clutch supplier worldwide to the Original Equipment Manufacturers.  Valeo is also the world leader on clutch disc facings.  Our kit range covers over 50 model years and about 50 vehicle makes from domestic to importValeo clutch kits are OE Engineered…Aftermarket Delivered!