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100% New Alternators

100% new Valeo alternators to exceed your expectations: high demand in electricity and heat. Our alternators are designed and tested in stringent conditions that are established by OE manufacturers and fit perfectly with your vehicle needs.
Benefits :

  • High efficiency in electrical various demands
  • High resistance to heat, vibration and dust
  • Includes the latest technologies developed by Valeo
  • Long lasting performance

Industrial challenges push innovation
Thanks to strong expertise in alternators, Valeo is able to face one of the major challenges of the automotive industry, the explosion of steel and copper prices. The environment of the product in the engine (for example more compact engines offering less air-flow) has led to Valeo finding solutions for optimization of the products thermal resistance. Constantly seeking new technologies and methods to achieve higher performance, competitiveness and quality, Valeo engineers have recently developed several new technologies:

  1. The new FG alternator is built with magnets inserted between the claw poles of the rotor to increase the machine’s efficiency, thus improving the ratio of Amps per kilo. Additionally, the stator winding process has been optimized, and a higher copper filling ratio leads to higher efficiency, a smaller diameter and greater machine inertia. Magnetic noise is significantly reduced making the FG alternator an ultra-quiet machine. The design of the housing and rotor cooling fans increases the thermal resistance of the machines, which due to the demanding environment of alternators, is another competitive factor.
  2. The TG alternator, designed to deliver high power silently, sets a new standard for electrical generators currently on the market. Interpreting and integrating market drivers, it opens the door to further developments for higher power alternators, addressing growing 12 Volt on-board electrical energy demands. The principal advantages of this development are:
    • Up to 230A
    • High power to weight ratio: mass reduction, inertia reduction
    • Compact design
    • Benchmark in terms of silent operations: magnetic noise reduction through Statcol™
    • Improved efficiency